Milwaukee Ignition Interlock Systems

Ignition interlock systems help prevent drivers from making poor choices when they are impaired due to alcohol consumption. Whether a driver is required to use an ignition interlock system due to a court order or wants to install one voluntarily for safety purposes, the system will prevent an intoxicated driver from starting the vehicle and potentially becoming a danger on the road.

If you need an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle and are in the Milwaukee area, visit our nearby Integrity Interlock location. Ignition interlock systems for most vehicles can be installed at the facility at 2201 W. Bender Road in Glendale, making it convenient for anyone throughout Milwaukee County. Plus, we’ll beat any competitor’s pricing in any county in which we do business, guaranteed.

Ignition interlock systems work similarly to breath analyzers used by law enforcement to conduct field sobriety tests. Before a driver starts his or her car, he/she provides a breath sample into the device. If the device determines that the driver’s blood-alcohol content is above the legal limit, the ignition interlock system prevents the engine from starting. This has the ability to prevent accidents, save lives and allow the driver to avoid the legal troubles and higher insurance costs associated with an OWI arrest.

These devices also require drivers to retest themselves periodically after the engine has started, ensuring that drivers remain under the legal limit throughout their trip. The ignition interlock systems installed by Integrity Interlock in the Milwaukee area are capable of providing accurate results even in extreme cold or heat; and they include extensive anti-tampering features. Every attempt to use the device is recorded in the device’s internal memory, which can be retrieved using special software.

Enabling Better Decisions

There’s a lot to see and do in the Milwaukee area, from visiting the zoo or the Harley-Davidson Museum to attending a pro sports event or taking one of the many brewery tours around town. Whatever your reason for being on the road, it’s important as a driver to always use your best judgment before, during and after your trip. Others on the road expect you to be a safe and considerate driver so everyone makes it home safely.

There are some situations, however, when making the right decision becomes challenging, such as when alcohol is involved. When there’s any question whatsoever about a driver’s condition, an ignition interlock system can be the difference between the right choice and the wrong one. Even safe drivers, who don’t have a court mandate to use an ignition interlock system, can benefit from having one installed.

Stay in Compliance

Integrity Interlock has helped thousands of drivers in the Milwaukee area and throughout Wisconsin make better choices and stay in compliance with court orders that require use of an ignition interlock system after an OWI conviction. Our systems make it easy for drivers to make safe choices.

For more information about buying, leasing or servicing an ignition interlock system, visit or contact our Milwaukee-area location.


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