Ignition Interlock Systems In Outagamie County

No matter where you are in Outagamie County, it’s always important to use proper judgment whenever you get behind the wheel. For the safety of yourself, your family and your fellow drivers, you should always make the best choices when you’re driving. However, there are times when we don’t always have the ability to make the safest decisions, such as when we have been drinking. That’s why it can be very helpful to have as many safeguards as possible to better ensure we don’t try to drive when we’re impaired. Whether it has been mandated by court order or installed voluntarily, an ignition interlock system from Integrity Interlock can provide an extra level of security to make it easier to drive safely.

How Our Systems Keep Drivers Safe

We’re the go-to source for ignition interlock installation in Outagamie County because our products are proven to help motorists make the right choices before starting their engines. This technology prevents anyone impaired by alcohol consumption from starting his or her vehicle and becoming a potential danger on the road.

These systems consist of a device similar to the breath analyzers used by law enforcement officers to give field sobriety tests. Before attempting to start the vehicle, the driver provides a breath sample through a tube connected to the system. If the driver’s blood alcohol content is determined to be above the legal limit, the device locks the ignition, disabling the car until the user is sober again. This stops the person from driving while intoxicated — which prevents accidents, saves lives, and helps drivers avoid legal issues and higher insurance premiums.

Drivers are required to re-test themselves periodically after they have started the engine. This helps them remain below the legal limit while they are driving. Our products are capable of providing very accurate results — even in extreme cold or heat. They also feature comprehensive anti-tampering measures. Each attempt to use them is recorded in their internal memory, and can be retrieved using special software.

Complete Installation and Service

Our skilled and fully trained technicians can install or service your ignition interlock system at our convenient Appleton location. We make certain that whatever we do will function seamlessly with your vehicle and does nothing to negatively affect its performance. The installation process usually takes about two hours. In addition to the Appleton area, we serve communities including:

  • Seymour
  • Little Chute
  • Ellington
  • Deer Creek
  • Freedom
  • Hortonville
  • Kimberly

Enabling the Best Decisions

We’ve helped thousands of drivers throughout Wisconsin make the safest choices before hitting the road. Using your best judgment is crucial for your safety as well as for the people with whom you share the highway. We can give you the peace of mind you need.

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