Ignition Interlock Systems In Kenosha County

Every time you get behind the wheel, you’re taking on a serious responsibility. You need to be in control of yourself and your vehicle at all times to ensure the safety of everyone on the road with you. A momentary mistake can carry consequences that may impact the rest of your life. Even an accident without injuries can have significant legal and financial ramifications. That’s why it’s important to always use your best judgment. However, there are circumstances in which that may be difficult to do, such as when you’ve been drinking. That’s when the technology provided by Integrity Interlock can help. As the best source for ignition interlock installation in Kenosha County, we can help you make the safest choice every time you drive.

How It Works

The systems we install help drivers avoid making risky choices due to alcohol consumption. They prevent users from starting their cars or trucks if they’ve had too much to drink. Whether our product is mandated by court order or installed voluntarily, a motorist can know instantly whether he or she is legally allowed to drive.

The technology behind our ignition interlock devices is similar to the breath analyzers used by law enforcement officers for field sobriety tests. When a driver enters his or her vehicle, he or she blows into the device to provide a breath sample. If the device detects a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit, the system locks the ignition and prevents the user from starting the engine. Once the vehicle is in motion, the system requires periodic retesting to make sure the driver remains sober.

Our solutions are capable of providing accurate results even in extreme heat or cold. They also maintain internal records of every time they are used, which can be accessed through the use of specialized software.

Choose the Local Experts

Integrity Interlock serves customers in communities throughout Kenosha County, including Twin Lakes, Bristol, Paddock Lake, Paris and Brighton. From our convenient location in Kenosha, we can provide services to you no matter where in the county you live. The installation process takes approximately two hours, and our fully trained in-house technicians will do everything possible to ensure your car is in perfect condition once we’re finished.

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Driving is an enormous responsibility. Each time you get into your vehicle, you’re responsible for making choices that will affect yourself and others who share the road. Having more control over your safety is a good thing, which is why we’re in the business of providing it. Whether you have a court mandate or a clean driving record, our systems enable you to make good decisions every time you get behind the wheel. For more information, contact us today or visit our Kenosha location at 5819 52nd St.
Kenosha, WI 53144.