Ignition Interlock Systems In Brown County

A responsible driver is in control behind the wheel. You owe it to yourself, passengers and fellow motorists to be as aware and alert as possible at all times. The consequences of losing control — even for a split-second — can be devastating. Regardless if anyone is hurt, being caught in a compromised condition while on the road can lead to serious legal and financial repercussions. This is why making the right choices is critical.

For those times when you may not be able to use your best judgment, technology can provide a solution. Integrity Interlock offers ignition interlock systems in Brown County and elsewhere to help drivers make the right decisions.

Protecting Drivers

Thanks to our products, people can avoid the consequences of impaired decision-making caused by drinking. Whether mandated by court order or used voluntarily, these systems prevent drivers from starting their vehicles if they’ve had too much to drink.

They work in a similar fashion to the breath analyzer devices used by law enforcement for field sobriety tests. Whenever a driver gets into his or her car, he or she must provide a breath sample. If the device detects a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, it locks the ignition. This prevents the engine from starting. The system also requires periodic re-testing after the vehicle has been started, ensuring the driver remains sober.

Our systems include extensive anti-tampering measures. They can provide accurate results even in extreme heat or cold. A record of every use is kept in their internal memory and can be accessed via specialized software.

The Local Experts

We’re the leaders in ignition interlock installation in Brown County. We serve communities including Lawrence, Humboldt, Rockland, New Denmark and De Pere from our Green Bay location. Installation takes about one to two hours. Our in-house technicians will confirm that every vehicle is in perfect working order every time they service it.

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Taking responsibility for your actions behind the wheel is essential. Don’t let clouded judgment affect your driving. We make it easier for you to remain in total control whenever you drive.

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