We expect fellow drivers to keep their eyes on the road, follow the rules and respect one another. That means the other drivers on the road expect the same of us. That’s why using our best judgment is paramount to helping everyone on the road get to where they’re going safely. However, although we always want to use good judgment in all of our driving decisions, there are some situations in which we may not be able to use our best judgment, such as when we’ve been drinking. Without someone else present to help us make the right choices, ignition interlock systems from Integrity Interlock can be the difference between making the right decision and driving when we shouldn’t.

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How Ignition Interlock Systems Save Lives

Ignition interlock systems — such as the Dräger Interlock XT device installed by Integrity Interlock — serve to protect drivers from making the wrong choices. Whether installed due to court order or voluntarily, these systems prevent drivers who are intoxicated due to alcohol consumption from starting their vehicles. These systems consist of a device similar to the breath analyzer devices used by law enforcement agencies to conduct field sobriety tests. Before a driver starts his or her car, he or she gives a breath sample. If the driver’s blood alcohol level is found to be above the legal limit, the ignition interlock system prevents the driver from starting the engine. This ensures that the driver does not end up on the road while intoxicated. Thus, preventing accidents, saving lives, and helping drivers avoid legal trouble and higher insurance premiums. These devices also require drivers to periodically re-test themselves after the engine has started, so they continue to remain within the legal limit during their trip. The ignition interlock systems installed by Integrity Interlock are capable of providing accurate test results even in extreme cold or heat. They can also detect any attempt to bypass the system through the use of filters or other devices. Every attempt to use the device is recorded in its memory, and that data can be retrieved via special software.

Enabling Better Driving Decisions

Whether these devices are court mandated or not, drivers have a responsibility to use their best judgment every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Ignition interlock systems such as the ones sold and installed by Integrity Interlock have helped thousands of customers throughout Wisconsin by making it easier for them to exercise their best judgment and make the safest choices before driving. Even drivers who are not mandated by the court to use such devices often choose to have these devices installed in their cars to prevent tragic mistakes they might make while their judgment is impaired due to alcohol consumption. For situations when drivers are impaired, an ignition interlock system from Integrity Interlock can provide the security you need to know you won’t make a potentially dangerous and disastrous choice. Contact Integrity Interlock today to learn more.